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The Milestone high frequency generator is developed to match the rigorous use of busy radiology departments, private practices with today's newest technology. The digital display and soft touch membrane key panel provides a clean, easy to use generator control design with flexibility in powering a variety radiographic applications. Integrated self diagnostic ensures ensures easy trouble free operation and easy service. 


Power Rating 30-80 kW
kV range 40-150 kVp
mA range 20-1000 mA (depending on the generator power)
mAs range 0.4-600 mAs
Exposure time 3 ms-6 sec.
Fluoroscopic kV 40-120 kV
Fluoroscopic mA 0.5-10 mA (25 mA in Pulse Fluoroscopy)
Power Requirements From 240 VAC single to 480 three phase


  • Microprocessor control delivers reliability and accurate exposure parameter management.
  • APR operating mode with 100 examination distributed across 10 anatomical regions. Simple and user-friendly technique reprogramming on site.
  • Manual three factor factor selection permits the operator to modify the recommended kV, mA and time.
  • Easy Auto-Calibration reduces initial installation time.
  • Automatic tube protection.
  • Sophisticated self-diagnostic capability and coded error messaged allow for fast and well-defined initial diagnostics.
  • Compact console is ideally suited for small control rooms.
  • Automatic tube overload protection, selectable 80% or 100%.
  • Automatic Exposure Control can support either four solid state detectors or ion chambers.
  • Automatic Brightness Stabilizer produces optimal fluoroscopic images.
  • Supports one or two x-ray tubes in either radiographic or radiographic and fluoroscopic mode.

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