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X-ray tubes, collimators, grids, AEC detectors etc.
X-ray tubes, collimators, grids, AEC detectors etc.

Flat Panel Detectors

Fixed / portable and single / dual panel DR solutions
  • Fixed full size detectors
  • Portable (tethered or wireless) detectors - ideal for upgrades
  • Single or dual panel configurations
  • Full software / hardware integration with optimized image quality

X-ray Tubes

Dual focus, rotating anode X-ray tubes
Wide variety of quality, long life X-ray tubes for all radiographic applications


A range of manual and automatic beam limiting devices
Control-X Medical offers a wide range of collimators for both human and veterinary x-ray use allowing you to select a collimator that best fits your imaging needs. Control-X is ready to supply you with the type of collimator that you need from your most basic manual collimator to a laser guided manual collimator or a fully automatic laser collimator.

Grids, Gid Cabinets and Buckys

Anti-scatter grids, grid cabinets and oscillating grid Buckys
  • Normal and high density grids
  • Non-oscillating grid cabinets with removable grid option
  • Oscillating grid Buckys with removable grid option
  • For flat panel DR or film/CR cassette imagers

AEC Detectors

Solid state detectors and ion chambers
The AEC option provides worry-free exposures with consistent image quality