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AEC Detectors

Solid state detectors and ion chambers
The AEC option provides worry-free exposures with consistent image quality


Operators can choose from and reprogram to their own preference each of the 100 APR programs distributed across 10 anatomical bodily regions. Available for a wide variety of powering options for both radiographic and fl uoroscopic procedures, the MS HF LC Series of high frequency radiographic generators continues Control-X Medical’s tradition of providing Hospital Grade Quality Components.

MS HF LC ConsoleMilestone generator


  • Microcontroller operation delivers reliability and accurate exposure parameter management.
  • Automatic line compensation.
  • One-point (kV, w/ AEC), two-point (kV, mAs) and three-point (kV, mA, sec.) operating modes.
  • Automatic Exposure Control option.
  • APR operating mode with 100 examinations distributed across 10 anatomical regions.
  • Simple and user-friendly technique reprogramming procedures for operators to customize their own APR charts.
  • Automatic parameter correction for adult and patient sizes, tissue density and fi l/screen speed.
  • Manual override technology allows the operator to modify the recommended kV, mA and time.
  • Sophisticated self-diagnostic capability and descriptive, digital error messages allow for a fast and well-defined initial diagnosis.
  • Compact design and display console are ideally suited for small control rooms.
  • Automatic tube overload protection; selectable at 80% or 100% maximal load.
  • Stored energy versions available. link



MS HF LC Series