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ConRad Rad System

General purpose rad room
ConRad general rad room
  • 30 kW-50 kW High Frequency generator
  • Easy and short calibration procedure
  • Floor-mounted tube stand with rotation / cross-table travel options
  • Wall Stand with vertical travel, tilting option
  • APR Control console and AEC option
  • Fixed height patient table


30 to 50 kW High Frequency Generator

The ConRad generator comes in to versions: the simple non-APR and the preprogrammed APR console variations. Three-phase or 16A single phase line configurations are available, with line matching transformers where necessary. Options include Bucky and AEC interfaces and high-speed tube rotation. Please note that the ConRad generators are FDA approved equipment, but have no CE certification.

Floor -only or floor-to-ceiling/wall mounted Tube Stand

The TS 99 family of tube stands with its flexible configuration options suits all general rad room reqirements. Choose and combine any of the options like rotational column (R), transverse arm movement (T), extended rails and digital SID display. Ideal for studies from lower extremities to chest/skull expossures due to its wide vertical motion range. 

Wall Bucky Stand

The WS 99 wall Bucky stand can accept a variety of different cassette size film/CR/DR or fixed full size flat panel DR receptors. Usually floor-to-wall, whith the free standing kit, the stand can be installed anywhere in the room. Choose the manual or motorized tilting option for exposures with oblique receptor positions. The WS 99 is equipped with dual-rope counterbalance system and an electromagnetic lock. 

Stylix 2 Radiographic Table



1. System Features

ConRad Radiographic System
  • Standard 2-receptor radiographic room
  • Non-certified generator (no medical CE mark)

2. Generator

ConRad High Frequency Generator (30 – 50 kW)
  • Standard configuration: 30 kW, 25-400 mA and 40-125 kV range
  • Optional 150 kV max output
  • Microprocessor control, accurate exposure parameter management
  • Outstanding linearity, low ripple
  • Easy-to-use flat surface control panel
  • Operates as a 3-factor (kVp, mA, sec) or 2-factor (kV, mAs) generator, selectable by operator. KVp can be varied in 1 kVp steps from 40-125 kVp
  • Rapid automatic calibration mode reduces the onsite procedure time
  • Consistent image quality using the optional AEC
  • Automatic tube protection and interlocks are all standard features

3. Tube Stand

TS 99 Tube Stand
  • Electrical locks for vertical and longitudinal positioning
  • 360° tube rotation with electric locks
  • Very quiet, “Easy-glide” effortless operation with special bearing systems
  • Fully counter-balanced, double rope system for safety
  • Extremely low focus-floor distance (approx. 25 cm)
  • TubePort Mount or Trunnion ring for x-ray tube
  • Floor-to ceiling, floor to wall or floor only mounting options
  • Certified manual collimator
  • Degree of freedom options: column rotation (“R” version) and cross-table travel (“T” version) or combination of both (“RT” version)
  • Optional digital SID and X-ray tube inclination display

4. X-ray Tube

E7239X X-ray Tube
  • 140 kHU
  • 1.0–2.0 mm focal spots, 90° horns
  • 20' (6m) high voltage cables (other lengths available)

Other types are available.

5. Wall Stand

WS 99 Wall Stand
  • 149 cm vertical travel area allows for the lowest and highest exposure positioning centered with tube stand
  • Fully counter-balanced, double rope system for safety
  • Electrical lock for easy positioning and permanent placement
  • Includes accessory rails that support a variety of accessories
  • Panel cover has permanent cross-lines and AEC field’s marks for easy patient and tube positioning
  • Wall box with terminal strips and cable covering hosing for a professional look
  • Heavy-duty grid cabinet or hi-speed Bucky with heavy-duty stainless steel tray and 103 LPI 10:1 grid (other grids available).
  • Optional AEC detector

6. Patient Table

Stylix 2 Radiographic Table
  • Heavy duty structure, rated at 220 kg patient load
  • Electric locks for longitudinal and transverse table top travel
  • 110 cm longitudinal, 24 cm transverse table top travel
  • 220 cm x 81 cm table top, < 0.8 mm Al equivalent filter (shorter lengths are available)
  • Heavy-duty grid cabinet or hi-speed Bucky with heavy-duty stainless steel tray and 103 LPI 10:1 grid (other grids are available), 55 cm travel
  • Optional AEC detector

To request information on a specification item (or items), please click on each of them in the specification area above.

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