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Control-X system components (such as X-ray tube stands, wall Bucky stands, radiographic tables and generators) meet the most demanding requirements.

Tube Stands / Wall Stands

Wide range of radiographic stands
  • Floor or ceiling mount tube stands
  • Wall Bucky stands with a host of options

Radiographic Tables

Fixed, elevating & mobile tables
Control-X Medical’s radiographic tables are manufactured using the highest quality of components to ensure optimal performance, durability and effortless operation. A wide variety of models are available to choose from, including your most basic rollaway table to an elevating, four-way floating tabletop radiographic table able to handle caseloads up to 300 kg (660 lbs.). A wide variety of accessories are available as well as having the option of selecting a standard grid cabinet, reciprocating Bucky or specialized digital mounting hardware to fit your imaging application needs.

X-ray Generators

For all radiographic applications