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CTM-200 Ceiling Mount Tube Stand

Manually operated and/or motorized ceiling-mount tube stand
The CTM-200 Overhead Tube Support is a heavy-duty, manually operated, spring balanced ceiling mounted unit with customizable movement ranges and auto-tracking options.


Ceiling mount tube stand with motorized options

The CTM-200 tube stand suits all general rad room reqirements. Choose and combine any of the motorized and auto-tracking options.

Tube Stand

CTM-200 Ceiling Mount Tube Stand
  • Motorized or manual movements: longitudinal, transverse, vertical, tube incline and rotation
  • 150 cm or 180 cm vertical travel
  • Extendable ceiling rails for all room sizes asnd floor plans
  • Convenient LCD touch screen
  • Optional on-screen generator controls
  • Optional wired or wireless remote controller
  • Full range of auto-tracking otions
  • Optional constant-focus stitching mode
  • Spring balanced construction with electromagnetic locks