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Perform-X ATC Ceiling System

Motorized auto-tracking / auto-positioning DR system
  • Full-featured ceiling-mount motorized rad room
  • Wide range of autotracking / autocentering options
  • Convenient operator controls with preprogrammed positions
  • Optional generator parameter display and APR (auto-positioning) feature

Ceiling Mount Perform-X

Perform-X Digital X-ray System Ceiling

Digital interface with auto-tracking function and Phoenix elevation table

Single or dual Flat Panel digital system with motorized Tube Stand, Wall Stand and elevating Four-Way table. Depending on user’s choice full automatic procedures are selectable, including auto-tracking, APR positioning and selectable parking positions.The motorized wall stand and tube stand ensure advanced stitching capabilities for full spine or full leg studies. The motorized tilting mechanism of the wall stand allows accurate and easy positioning of the receptor for angulated studies.

Perform-X ATC Ceiling Mount Radiographic System

Full Automation Provides Top Productivity

The Perform-X Digi AT provides the best-in class auto-positioning technology with fully-automated tracking and manual override positioning. Electromagnetic coupling devices and clutches ensure safe and quick manual positioning of the tube head, wall bucky and tube stand. The fully counterbalanced wall bucky and tube units can be adjusted with near zero-force in any requested position. Manual override for quick positioning is a must feature in emergency environments. Users decide the level of automatisation, just motorized movements, auto-tracking feature for all components or just of selected ones. The extensive software background serves for easy and uncomplicated workflow even in busy hospital environments.

 Perform-X System Configurations

All-in-one PC Automated Generator Control Console Makes High Achievement



The Touch screen monitor of the control PC on the APEX image acquisition system, serves as a generator control as well, no other dedicated control console for the generator is needed. A preview is available within seconds on the touch screen monitor, the processed image can be sent to any appropriate workstation in the hospital system, or elsewhere. An optional touch screen monitor on the side of the x-ray tube serves for technique selection in remote use. Remote control functions can be selected from the touch-screen monitor at the tubehead, and from the membrane console on the wall stand, while manual control and manual motorized controls are to be selected at each individual components. The elevation movement of the table is always motorized.


Great Choice of Flat Panel Variations

Digital Panel

A variety of flat DR panels are available as a single or a dual panel system in both your table and the wall stand, or in any different applications. Fixed, tethered and wireless panels will cover all needs for maximum flexibility and ensure unparallel coverage in all standard and special examination set-ups. 43 x 43 or 35 x 43 cm (17” x 17” or 14” x 17”) flat panel detectors in CsI technology need lowest patient dose for optimal image quality.

Phoenix table high positionTop Positioning and Load

The elevating, four-way top radiographic table with its heavy-duty, but still graceful design offers a convenient vertical height adjustment, four-way effortless positioning and an extremely low table top filtration for best exposures. Motorized vertical travel with 225 kg (500 lbs) lifting capacity. Auto tracking function in combination with the vertical travel of the tube, and motorized longitudinal displacement of the receptor when tube stand moves. Extended vertical travel - table top heights between 44 and 85 cm (17” - 34“)from the floor - ensures easy and safe patient transfer from a stretcher or facilitates positioning of handicapped or elderly patients.



High Performance X-ray Generator


Milestone generator

The Milestone APEX HF X-ray generator delivers the highest performance and reliability in any radiographic environment. Choose from flexible output power configurations including single- phase stored energy version up to 80 kW of power, and interface options like AEC control, high speed starter, safety interlocks, Dose Area Product meter and more. Standard for the system is the 50 kW MS APEX 650 HF STR single tube high frequency generator, in three phase or stored energy version.





Ceiling-mounted Auto-tracking Radiographic Room

The Perform-X {ATC|Auto-tracking + ceiling mounted: the X-ray tube and the receptors can be positioned automatically in a number of ways depending on the configuration} boasts a fully motorized auto-tracking capable motorized drive system.

Integrated Touch Screen Console Generator

The Milestone / APEX HF X-ray generators deliver the highest performance and reliability in any radiographic environment. Choose from flexible output power configurations up to 80 kW of power (32-50 kW for stored energy versions). Select interface options like {AEC|Automatic Exposure Control: ensures consistent image brightness under a wide range of exposure conditions} control, high speed starter, {Dose Area Product Meter|Measures the output dose at the beam limiting device and is used to estimate patient dose} interface and more. Standard for the system is the 50 kW MS / APEX 650 HF STR single tube high frequency generator, in three phase or stored energy version. The Apex image acquisition system touch screen integrates the generator functions as well - no separate generator control is needed. A preview is available within seconds on the touch screen monitor the processed image can be sent to any appropriate workstation in the hospital system, or elsewhere. 

Ceiling mount tube stand with motorized options

The CTM-200 tube stand suits all general rad room reqirements. Choose and combine any of the motorized and auto-tracking options.

Motorized wall Bucky stand for auto-tracking / auto-positioning applications

The WS 99 M is equipped with a low impact DC motor drive to allow automatic vertical postioning when used in combination with a motorized tube stand. Take advantage of the optional motorized or manual Bucky tilt feature for the highest degree of freedom.

4-way Float Top Elevating Patient Table 

When transferring patients onto the table, the 30 cm (or 50 cm depending on configuration) vertical travel and the 250 kg weight rating are invaluable features. Dedicated pedals drive the table top up and down and release the brakes of the floating table top. A comprehensive set of interlocks ensure safe operation.

Sensitive, Full Size CsI Flat Panel

A variety of flat DR panels are available in a single or a dual detector configuration. Our 43 cm x 43 cm or 35 cm x 43 cm (17” x 17” or 14” x 17”) {CsI|The cesium iodide scintillators convert the X-ray radiation to visible light for the TFT flat panel sensors. CsI is much more sensitive than Gadox, (Gd2O2S or gadolinium oxysulfide - the other popular material) resulting is lower patient dose.} flat panel detectors operate with very low patient dose and have optimal image quality. Processed images are available within seconds. These DR detectors are fully integrated into our Apex acquisition systems for precise exposure timing and accurate calibration. The optionally fixed, tethered or wireless panel cover all needs in all standard and special examination set-ups.

Cassette Size CsI Flat Panel Detector

The cassette size detector fits into existing cassette trays making it perfect for DR upgrades and shared flat panel applications.

DICOM Compliant DX Modality

The Apex Digital Acquisition Workstation is a full-featured DX modality for both medical and veterirary radiographic rooms. The Apex integrates with the Conrol-X generators and a number of flat panel models enabling a seamless workflow with high through-put. The preprogrammed and customizable image processing profiles with a host of processing and communication modules satisfy even the most demanding requirements from small clinics to large hospitals.

1. System Features

Perform-X DR ATC System
  • Heavy duty 4-way elevating table with motorized horizontal Bucky movement
  • Ceiling mounted motorized stands stand with variable combination of movements
  • A comprehensive set of auto-tracking options (X-ray tube to wall receptor and/or table height, table receptor auto centering)
  • Optional {XACT |X-ray tube Auto-Centering: the X-ray tube follows the wall receptor or vice versa (depending on the master/slave configuration)} (X-ray tube Auto-centering and Tracking) to wall receptor
  • Optional {TRAC|The table Bucky is centered on the X-ray beam at all times} (Table Receptor Auto-Centering)
  • Optional true constant-focus automatic stitching positioning 
  • Single or dual panel DX DICOM modality 
  • High quality X-ray tube, manual collimator and HV cables
  • Optional automatic coliimator

2. Generator

APEX HF Generator Series
  • 50 kW – 80 kW, 100 kHz, 400 to 1000 max mA, 40 to 150 kV range (depending on X-ray tube selected - please inquire for X-ray tube upgrades)
  • Power Requirements: 208- 400VAC three-phase (please specify input power when ordering)
  • Optional line matching transformers are available for an additional cost
  • Optional single-phase stored energy version up to 50 kW; 6.5 / 10 / 20 or 30 kWs stored energy (approx. 65/100/200/300 mAs exposures @ 100 kV)
  • Microprocessor control delivers reliable and accurate exposure parameter management
  • Can operate as a three-point (kV, mA and time), or a two-point (kV and mAs) or {AEC|Automatic Exposure Control: ensures consistent image brightness under a wide range of exposure conditions} technique selection generator
  • Optional interface for {AEC|Automatic Exposure Control: ensures consistent image brightness under a wide range of exposure conditions}, high speed starter, {DAP|Dose Area Product meter: measures the output dose at the beam limiting device and is used to estimate patient dose} 
  • Rapid automatic calibration mode reduces installation time
  • Automatic tube protection and safety interlocks are standard features
  • Compact Size: 60 cm x 40 cm x 50 cm (L x W x D), SE version (20/30 kWs): 90 cm x 40 cm x 50 cm

3. Tube Stand

CTM-200 Ceiling Mount Tube Stand
  • Motorized or manual movements: longitudinal, transverse, vertical, tube incline and rotation
  • 150 cm or 180 cm vertical travel
  • Extendable ceiling rails for all room sizes asnd floor plans
  • Convenient LCD touch screen
  • Optional on-screen generator controls
  • Optional wired or wireless remote controller
  • Full range of auto-tracking otions
  • Optional constant-focus stitching mode
  • Spring balanced construction with electromagnetic locks

4. Wall Stand

WS 99 M Wall Stand
  • 155 cm vertical motorized travel area allows for the lowest and highest exposure positioning in unison with tube stand
  • Fully counter-balanced, double rope system for safety
  • Negative electrical lock for easy positioning and permanent placement
  • Panel cover has permanent cross-lines and AEC field markers for easy patient and tube positioning
  • Wall box with terminal strips and cable covering hosing for a professional installation
  • Heavy-duty grid cabinet or optional Hi-speed Bucky with heavy-duty stainless steel tray and 103 LPI 10:1 grid
  • Optional removable grid

5. Patient Table

Phoenix Elevating Radiographic Table
  • Heavy duty structure, rated at 225 kg patient load
  • Vertical travel 55 cm – 85 cm (table top heights)
  • Electric locks for longitudinal and transverse travel
  • 110 cm longitudinal, 24 cm transverse table top travel
  • 220 cm x 81 cm table top, < 0.8 mm Al equivalent filter (shorter lengths are available for small rooms)
  • Heavy-duty hi-speed Bucky with heavy-duty ss. tray and 103 LPI 10:1 grid (other grids are available), 55 cm travel
  • AEC optional

6. Image Receptor

Full Size 43 cm x43 cm Fixed Flat Panel
  • 43 cm x 43 cm image size - no rotation required
  • Pixel matrix 3008 (H) x 3072 (V)
  • Pixel pitch 143 µm
  • Optional: other DR panels including wireless types are available as well

7. Image Receptor

Cassette Size 35 cm x 43 cm Tethered Portable Flat Panel Detector
  • 35 cm x 43 cm image size
  • Pixel matrix 2560 x 3072
  • Pixel pitch 139 µm 
  • Fits into cassette trays

8. Image Acquisition System

APEX Digital Acquisition Workstation
  • PACS and DICOM 3.0 connectivity
  • Generator control integration included (for Milestone LC, Milestone 200 and CXP series generators)
  • Selectable flat panel interface
  • State-of-art image processing software, standard modules are diagnostic viewer software, work list query, DICOM print, emergency patient workflow, customizable processing profiles, local image storage
  • Many optional modules are available, please inquire
  • PC including dual core or better processor with 2 GB RAM, 500 GB or more hard disk storage
  • 21” flat panel monitor with touch screen operation included
  • Diagnostic monitor, larger archive capacity and additional workstations and options are available