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Perform-X DR Systems

Floor mounted general digital rooms
The Perform-X HF floor-mounted DR systems are one of the most advanced radiographic systems manufactured and offered by Control-X. The various system configurations allow for a completely customized X-ray system built meeting your imaging needs. The choice of generator power options and upgrade features makes the Perform-X HF Radiographic Systems your logical choice for affordable, high quality, high performance and durable DR systems.

Specifications and Options

FeatureGeneral Rad RoomPerform-X Hi-LoChiro / Chest System
Rotational tube stand (TS 99 RN/RTN): Optional N/A
Transverse arm movement (TS 99 T/RTN):  Optional N/A
Tube stand floor rail: 2400 mm (94.5") Optional long rail is 3600 mm (11' 9.7") 1250 mm (49.2")
Fixed horizontal SID (no floor rail): N/A N/A Optional
Tube stand ceiling/wall rail: Recommended in case of TS 99 RTN N/A
Wall bucky tilting movement Optional, -20 to 90° (manual or motorized) Optional (manual or motorized)
Wall bucky cassette/grid load orientation: Left or right (field selectable) Left or right (field selectable)
Patient table: Fixed height 4-way floating top 4-way floating top elevating table
(300 mm /11.8" or 500 mm / 19.7" vertical movement)
Wall receptor grid
(density matching receptor type): 
Fixed or removable / Oscillating or non-oscillating
Focal range: 1000-1800 mm (40-72") 

Table receptor grid
(density matching receptor type): 
Fixed or removable / Oscillating or non-oscillating
Focal distance: 1000 mm (40") 
AEC detector: Optional (Ion chamber or solid state)
Digital SID / tube incline display: Optional
Receptor type: Film / CR cassette or digital flat panel
Wireless remote controller:  Bluotooth controller with rechargeable Li-ion battery Optional  
Generator: Milestone LC or Milestone 200 generator family (100 or 200 kHz 32 to 80 kW)
Certificates: CE certificate & FDA approval See certificates for detailes