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Grids, Gid Cabinets and Buckys

Anti-scatter grids, grid cabinets and oscillating grid Buckys
  • Normal and high density grids
  • Non-oscillating grid cabinets with removable grid option
  • Oscillating grid Buckys with removable grid option
  • For flat panel DR or film/CR cassette imagers

Anti-scatter Grids

We offer a wide range of radiographic grids for both analog and digital x-ray systems. Standard in our analog systems are the 103 LPI, 10:1 ratio grid. However, Control-X can supply you high quality x-ray grids in many configurations that match the exact needs of your x-ray system’s configuration.

Bucky & Tray

Control-X Medical offers durable, top-of-the-line, non size-sensing or size-sensing grid cabinets, reciprocating Buckys and cassette trays for both our human and veterinary x-ray systems. Our digital x-ray systems contain have specialized mounting hardware to accommodate a variety of different digital flat panels.