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HRX-2000 Radiographic Table

Mobile radiographic table
The HRX 2000 radiographic table is an economical solution for your radiographic needs. Available as a stationary or mobile radiographic table, the HRX 2000 is the ideal choice when searching for an affordable radiographic table.


  • The HRX-2000 comes standard as a stationary radiographic table with a table top of 70 x 200 cm

    HRX-2000 table 1

  • Table height (mounted to the floor) is 29.5” (75 cm).

  • Height of the mobile table is 30” (76 cm). Comes on four lockable casters.

  • Patient weight limit rated at 300 lb (150 kg).

  • Comes with heavy-duty grid cabinet with a stainless steel cassette tray and 103 LPI, 10:1 grid.

  • Optional reciprocating bucky device is available for both stationary and mobile models. Please inquire.

  • The grid cabinet travels horizontally underneath the table with travell lenght 53.5” (136 cm).