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Integrated Veterinary X-ray Systems

For small animal practices
The ZooMax integrated radiography system is the ideal solution for the small animal practice.

ZooMax Gold

Fixed SID and X-ray tube
The ZooMax Gold Veterinary Radiographic System is one of the most advanced and user-friendly integrated x-ray systems available to the veterinary market today. It incorporates a fixed height tubestand with a tube at 100 cm distance from the tabletop combined with a four-way radiographic table.

Zoomax Red

Simple ceiling mount tube stand with elevating patient table
The Zoomax Red Veterinary Radiographic System is ideal for trauma situations when multiple tableside use is required. Incorporates the elevating four-way float top table and the ceiling-mounted tube support, which travels the entire length of the table.

ZooMax Roll

Wall mount tube stand with mobile table

The ZooMax Roll Veterinary Radiographic System is an economic alternative for Veterinarians looking for the most basic veterinary x-ray system. The ZooMaxRoll veterinary radiorgraphic system incorporates a veterinary tubestand combined with a movable table.

Zoomax White

Variable SID, rotating tube integrated system
The Zoomax White Veterinary Radiographic System consists of a four-way table, travelling tube stand and variable SID. Ideal for taking all types of exposures including short SID shots of very small animals and oblique exposures.