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Monoblock DR System

COMING SOON Integrated system + monoblock + flat panel
  • Convenient integrated table / monoblock stand
  • Easy-to-use residential power input rated monoblock generator
  • Affordable flat panel DR technology
  • Unique integrated acquisition workflow
  • Mecical CE mark available


The ZooMax monoblock DR system combines the ease of use and flexibility of a portable X-ray generator with the convenience of the 4-way patient table and the full-featured medical quality flat digital panel technology. Experience instant high quality digital images even in residential area thanks to the low-current 16A generator input. 

ZooMax Monoblock DR System


3.2 kW Portable Monoblock Generator

This portable generator is capable of taking exposures in a wide range of small animal procedures. Equipped with a stationary single-focus X-ray tube and manual beam limiting device. The generator has an optional DR interface, which makes it a perfect candidate in DR setups. CE certificate available.

Veterinary Patient Table with 152 cm Table Top

The tabletop release switch controlled by a convenient foot pedal guarantees "hands free" operation and placement of patient before and during the examination. Tabletop side rails provide durable anchors for restraining, which ensure the proper positioning and subduing of the patient during the procedure. Optional table extension offers an additional 30 cm working area when larger animals are examined. The x-ray tube freely rotates ±90º around the horizontal axis, allowing exposures from various angles.

Cassette Size CsI Flat Panel Detector

The cassette size detector fits into existing cassette trays making it perfect for DR upgrades and shared flat panel applications.

DICOM Compliant DX Modality

The Apex Digital Acquisition Workstation is a full-featured DX modality for both medical and veterirary radiographic rooms. The Apex integrates with the Conrol-X generators and a number of flat panel models enabling a seamless workflow with high through-put. The preprogrammed and customizable image processing profiles with a host of processing and communication modules satisfy even the most demanding requirements from small clinics to large hospitals.

1. System Features

ZooMax Monoblock DR System
  • Four-way table
  • Fixed monoblock arm over the table
  • 16A monoblock generator with DR interface 

2. Generator

CXP-F3200 Monoblock Generator
  • Rated at 3.2 kW
  • Output: 40-100kV / 0.4 - 100 mAs / 25-60 mA
  • 110-240V 50/60 Hz universal line input
  • 1.8 mm focal spot 15° target angle 45 kHU monoblock tube
  • Manual collimator with 5 cm x 5 cm minimum (@ 100 cm SID) and 40 cm x 40 cm maximum (@ 75 cm) SID
  • Compact size and light weight (net weight: 12 kg, gross weight: 22 kg)
  • Dimensions: 360 mm x 200 mm x 190 mm
  • Packing size: 520 mm 400 mm 330 mm
  • Durable design with solid body
  • Soft touch controls with digital displays
  • Calibrated cassette size indicator dials
  • Available with inverted control panel for table use
  • Two-stage dynamic auto line compensation
  • Optional DR interface
  • Optional dual laser SID assist pointer

3. Patient Table

VSTX 60 Four-way Float Top Radiographic Table
  • 152 cm x71 cm four-way float top radiographic table with grid cabinet, tray and grid.
  • Heavy duty structure, rated at 225 kg patient load.
  • < 0.85 mm Al equivalent filter (longer lengths are available).
  • Heavy-duty grid cabinet with heavy-duty stainless steel tray and 40 Line/cm 10:1 grid.
  • Optional: removable grid
  • Optional: can accept several flat panel DR detectors

4. Image Receptor

Cassette Size 35 cm x 43 cm Tethered Portable Flat Panel Detector
  • 35 cm x 43 cm image size
  • Pixel matrix 2560 x 3072
  • Pixel pitch 139 µm 
  • Fits into cassette trays

5. Image Acquisition System

APEX Digital Acquisition Workstation
  • PACS and DICOM 3.0 connectivity
  • Generator control integration included (for Milestone LC, Milestone 200 and CXP series generators)
  • Selectable flat panel interface
  • State-of-art image processing software, standard modules are diagnostic viewer software, work list query, DICOM print, emergency patient workflow, customizable processing profiles, local image storage
  • Many optional modules are available, please inquire
  • PC including dual core or better processor with 2 GB RAM, 500 GB or more hard disk storage
  • 21” flat panel monitor with touch screen operation included
  • Diagnostic monitor, larger archive capacity and additional workstations and options are available