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Perform-X DR Chest System

Chest / chiropractic room with DX modality
Control-X Medical’s Digital Chest Radiographic Systems provide affordable, high quality, performance, durability and superior digital imaging quality. The tubestand and chest stand travel effortlessly along their respective vertical and/or horizontal tracks due to the precision bearing systems. Once positioned, they are safely locked into place with electromagnetic brakes and dual rope counterbalancing systems. Utilizing our full line of high frequency generators and the latest in digital imaging single flat panel technology, our Digital Chest Radiographic Systems meet the exacting needs of all Pulmonary Practices.

Motorized DR Chest System with Tracking

A dual column system with motorized tube stand in slave configuration to the wall stand. After adjusting the height of the digital detector to the patient size and pressing the „GO” button, the X-ray tube drives in position centered to the digital panel. Optional motorized movement on the wall stand is available.

Integrated Touch Screen Console Generator

The Milestone / APEX HF X-ray generators deliver the highest performance and reliability in any radiographic environment. Choose from flexible output power configurations up to 80 kW of power (32-50 kW for stored energy versions). Select interface options like {AEC|Automatic Exposure Control: ensures consistent image brightness under a wide range of exposure conditions} control, high speed starter, {Dose Area Product Meter|Measures the output dose at the beam limiting device and is used to estimate patient dose} interface and more. Standard for the system is the 50 kW MS / APEX 650 HF STR single tube high frequency generator, in three phase or stored energy version. The Apex image acquisition system touch screen integrates the generator functions as well - no separate generator control is needed. A preview is available within seconds on the touch screen monitor the processed image can be sent to any appropriate workstation in the hospital system, or elsewhere. 

DR Chest Stand Designed Specifically for Chest Applications

A dedicated, motorized tube stand that centers to and follows the ches wall Bucky stand. The position can also be adjusted manually if necessary. Fixed SID configuration - the stand has no floor tracks. 

Wall Bucky for DR Chest Systems

The wall Bucky position is adjusted according to the patient height. When synchronised, the X-ray tube will find the detector center automatically.  

Sensitive, Full Size CsI Flat Panel

A variety of flat DR panels are available in a single or a dual detector configuration. Our 43 cm x 43 cm or 35 cm x 43 cm (17” x 17” or 14” x 17”) {CsI|The cesium iodide scintillators convert the X-ray radiation to visible light for the TFT flat panel sensors. CsI is much more sensitive than Gadox, (Gd2O2S or gadolinium oxysulfide - the other popular material) resulting is lower patient dose.} flat panel detectors operate with very low patient dose and have optimal image quality. Processed images are available within seconds. These DR detectors are fully integrated into our Apex acquisition systems for precise exposure timing and accurate calibration. The optionally fixed, tethered or wireless panel cover all needs in all standard and special examination set-ups.

1. System Features

Perform-X DR Chest System
  • Fixed SID
  • X-ray tube follows receptor center
  • Full DX modality

2. Generator

APEX HF Generator Series
  • 50 kW – 80 kW, 100 kHz, 400 to 1000 max mA, 40 to 150 kV range (depending on X-ray tube selected - please inquire for X-ray tube upgrades)
  • Power Requirements: 208- 400VAC three-phase (please specify input power when ordering)
  • Optional line matching transformers are available for an additional cost
  • Optional single-phase stored energy version up to 50 kW; 6.5 / 10 / 20 or 30 kWs stored energy (approx. 65/100/200/300 mAs exposures @ 100 kV)
  • Microprocessor control delivers reliable and accurate exposure parameter management
  • Can operate as a three-point (kV, mA and time), or a two-point (kV and mAs) or {AEC|Automatic Exposure Control: ensures consistent image brightness under a wide range of exposure conditions} technique selection generator
  • Optional interface for {AEC|Automatic Exposure Control: ensures consistent image brightness under a wide range of exposure conditions}, high speed starter, {DAP|Dose Area Product meter: measures the output dose at the beam limiting device and is used to estimate patient dose} 
  • Rapid automatic calibration mode reduces installation time
  • Automatic tube protection and safety interlocks are standard features
  • Compact Size: 60 cm x 40 cm x 50 cm (L x W x D), SE version (20/30 kWs): 90 cm x 40 cm x 50 cm

3. Tube Stand

TS 99 CHEST Tube Stand
  • Motorized vertical movement, tracking with the WS 99 CHEST stand
  • Electrical locks with clutches, manual movement allowed
  • Very quiet, “Easy-glide” effortless operation with quality bearing systems
  • Fully counter-balanced, spring-loaded system
  • Trunnion ring for the x-ray tube, plastic cover.
  • Floor-only mounting, fixed SID to the chest stand 

4. X-ray Tube

Rad-14 X-ray Tube
  • 0.6 / 1.2 mm focus, 18/50 kW, 300 kHU, 12° target angle
  • 10 m standard (longer cable pairs available)
  • High/Standard Speed. 

Other types are available.

5. Wall Stand

WS 99 CHEST Wall Stand
  • Long vertical travel allows for the lowest and highest exposure positioning in unison with tube stand
  • Fully counter-balanced, double rope system for safety
  • Electrical lock for easy positioning and permanent placement, manual drive
  • Detector heights can be adjusted according to the patient height, and using the tracking push-button the TS 99 CHEST Stand moves the tube in the required height
  • Panel cover has permanent cross-lines and AEC field’s marks for easy patient positioning.
  • Wall box with terminal strips and cable covering hosing for professional look installation.
  • Special grid cabinet (for fixed grid, 215 LPI, 10:1) for full-size Flat Panel Detector.
  • AEC detector

6. Image Receptor

Full Size 43 cm x43 cm Fixed Flat Panel
  • 43 cm x 43 cm image size - no rotation required
  • Pixel matrix 3008 (H) x 3072 (V)
  • Pixel pitch 143 µm
  • Optional: other DR panels including wireless types are available as well