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Perform-X Rad Systems

Perfrorm-X Rad Systems with CR or film based imagers

Perform-X General Rad Room

Radiography system for general imaging procedures
The Perform-X HF Radiographic Systems are the most advanced radiographic systems manufactured and offered by Control-X. The various system configurations allow for a completely customized x-ray system built meeting your exacting imaging needs. The choice of generator power options and upgrade features makes the Perform-X HF Radiographic Systems your logical choice for affordable, high quality, high performance and durable radiographic systems.

Perform-X Hi-Lo System

Rad system with elevating table
All the features and advantages of the Perform-X general rad room complemented with a heavy duty 4-way elevating table for easy patient transfer.

Perform-X Chest Rad System

Radiography system for chest / pulmonary procedures
Control-X Medical’s Chest Radiographic Systems provide affordable, high quality, performance, durability and superior imaging quality. The tubestand and chest stand travel effortlessly along their respective vertical and/or horizontal tracks due to the precision bearing systems. Once positioned, they are safely locked into place with electromagnetic brakes and dual rope counterbalancing systems. Utilizing our full line of high frequency generators the Chest Radiographic Systems meet the needs of all Pulmonary Practices.