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Perform-X Chest Rad System

Radiography system for chest / pulmonary procedures
Control-X Medical’s Chest Radiographic Systems provide affordable, high quality, performance, durability and superior imaging quality. The tubestand and chest stand travel effortlessly along their respective vertical and/or horizontal tracks due to the precision bearing systems. Once positioned, they are safely locked into place with electromagnetic brakes and dual rope counterbalancing systems. Utilizing our full line of high frequency generators the Chest Radiographic Systems meet the needs of all Pulmonary Practices.

Perform-X Chest System


Milestone HF LC Series


TS 99 CHL Tube stand


WS 99 C Wall Stand


1. System Features

Perform-X Chest System
  • Fixed SID

2. Generator

Milestone HF LC Series
  • Milestone HF LC: 32 kW – 50 kW, 100 kHz, 10-up to 630 mA range, 125/150 kV. (depending on x-ray tube selected. please inquire for x-ray tube upgrades)
  • Power Requirements: 208-400VAC single or three-phase (Please specify input power when ordering). Line matching transformers are available at additional cost)
  • Single-phase stored energy version up to 50 kW; 6.5/ 10/ 20 kWs stored energy (Approx 65/100/200 mAs exposures @ 100 kV) available
  • Microprocessor control delivers reliable and accurate exposure parameter management
  • Console Type: Membrane switch with 100 anatomical programming (APR) settings
  • Can operate as a three-point technique selection generator (kV, mA and time), or in 2-point technique (kV, mAs)
  • Wide range of selectable exposure times for easy parameter selection and flexibility
  • Rapid automatic calibration mode reduces onsite procedure time
  • Automatic tube protection and interlocks are standard features
  • Compact Size: Width: 60 cm, Depth: 40 cm, Height: 50 cm

3. Tube Stand

TS 99 CHL Tube stand
  • Space-saving design, floor-to-wall mounting tube stand
  • Electrical locks for vertical and longitudinal positioning.
  • 360° tube rotation with electric locks.
  • 195 cm longitudinal travel.
  • Very quiet, “Easy-glide” effortless operation with special bearing systems.
  • Fully counter-balanced, double rope system for safety.
  • Extremely low focus-floor distance.
  • TubePort Mount or trunnion ring for X-ray tube,
  • Certified manual collimator.

4. X-ray Tube

E7239X X-ray Tube
  • 140 kHU
  • 1.0–2.0 mm focal spots, 90° horns
  • 20' (6m) high voltage cables (other lengths available)

Other types are available.

5. Wall Stand

WS 99 C Wall Stand
  • 155 cm vertical travel area allows for the lowest and highest exposure positioning in unison with tube stand
  • Fully counter-balanced, double rope system for safety
  • Electrical lock for easy positioning and permanent placement
  • Includes accessory rails that support a variety of accessories
  • Panel cover has permanent cross-lines and {AEC|Automatic Exposure Control: ensures consistent image brightness under a wide range of exposure conditions} field markers for easy patient and tube positioning
  • Wall box with terminal strips and cable covering hosing for professional look installation
  • Heavy-duty grid cabinet or optional Hi-speed Bucky with heavy-duty stainless steel tray and 103 LPI 10:1 grid