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Control-X Medical manufactures a full range of medical and veterinary X-ray systems and components. Please find below a brief description of the major product categories with links to detailed information. You can also browse the brochures and the view the product certificates.

Medical X-ray Systems

Perform-X DR Systems

Floor mounted general digital rooms

Perform-X AT System

Motorized auto-tracking floor-mounted system

Perform-X ATC Ceiling Mount

Motorized auto-tracking / auto-positioning DR system

DR Upgrade / Retrofit

Upgrade existing systems to DR


Space saving, cost-effective rad room


Dedicated chiro / chest rooms

Perform-X Rad Systems

Perfrorm-X Rad Systems with CR or film based imagers

Veterinary X-ray Systems

Small Animal DR Systems

Digital X-ray systems for small animal practices

Monoblock DR System

COMING SOON Integrated system + monoblock + flat panel

Digital Equine System

Ceiling mount rad systems for large animals such as horses and camels.

DR Upgrade / Retrofit

Upgrade existing conventional systems to DR

Integrated Veterinary X-ray

For small animal practices

Equine Rad System

Ceiling mount radiographic systems for large animals

Monoblock System

COMING SOON Convenient integrated system with easy-to-use monoblock


Tube Stands / Wall Stands

Wide range of radiographic stands

Radiographic Tables

Fixed, elevating & mobile tables

X-ray Generators

For all radiographic applications


Flat Panel Detectors

Fixed / portable and single / dual panel DR solutions

X-ray Tubes

Dual focus, rotating anode X-ray tubes


A range of manual and automatic beam limiting devices

Grids, Gid Cabinets and Buckys

Anti-scatter grids, grid cabinets and oscillating grid Buckys

AEC Detectors

Solid state detectors and ion chambers