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Tube Stands / Wall Stands

Wide range of radiographic stands
  • Floor or ceiling mount tube stands
  • Wall Bucky stands with a host of options

CTM-200 Ceiling Mount Tube Stand

Manually operated and/or motorized ceiling-mount tube stand
The CTM-200 Overhead Tube Support is a heavy-duty, manually operated, spring balanced ceiling mounted unit with customizable movement ranges and auto-tracking options.

Halo Overhead Tube Support

Heavy-duty manually operated ceiling-mount tube stand
The Halo Overhead Tube Support is a heavy-duty, manually operated, fully counterbalanced ceiling mounted unit that provides great fl exibility in order to faciliate a wide variety of x-ray procedures.

Radiographic Tubestands

Floor or floor-to-ceiling mount tube stands
Control-X Medical’s tubestand series provide high performance, versatility and durability when performing various types of examinations. Available in freestanding, floor-to-wall or floor-to-ceiling versions, all of these tubestands have horizontal and vertical movements. Options include a rotational column and/or a transverse arm motion for more advanced examinations. All of our tubestands have an electromagnetic locking and dual rope counterbalancing system for precise exposure positioning, maximum stability and safety for both the operator and patient. With minimal effort, operators can easily position the tubestand due to their “easy-glide” design.

Radiographic Wallstands

Wall Bucky stands
Control-X Medical’s WS 99 Series of radiographic wallstands were designed to handle the rigors of the heaviest of caseloads by providing high performance, versatility and durability. Electromagnetic brakes and a dual rope counterbalancing system are standard features for both ease of operation and safety. Their extended vertical track allows for examinations of tall patients as well as the lower extremities. Accompanied with side rails and an optional tilting mechanism for the receptor, the WS 99 Series of radiographic wallstands offers solutions for your analog or digital imaging needs.