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Call +36-1-381-0301 or send email to

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Call (614) 777-9729 or send email to

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File Description
CxRemoteSupport Remote support application for assisting DX modality issues. When launched, it allows our support specialist to log on to the acquisition workstation to assist you.
MS APR Editor Milestone HF or ZooMax HF console offline APR editor application. Can also be used to backup the APR database or to print the APR list for the operator.
Perform-X Service Application Service application for Perform-X AT/ATC systems. Calibration, room layout and SID configuration, monitor hardware health and more.
Brochures For brochure downloads, please visit the bochures page.
Certificates Our certificates can be downloaded following the link on the left.

Apex Acquisition System Password of the Day

Certain calibration and configuration features, such as monitor calibration and user management require the use of a daily password in the Apex acquisition workstation SW. The password is generated according to the operating system language.

To view today's image acquisition workstation password, you need to be logged in.

Advisory Notices

The following advisory notices address potential issues arising for equipment already installed:

ID Issue Date Title Aplies to
ADN-4555 2019.10.15. RY2 Relay Possible Incorrect Contact Milestone LC generators (3-phase line input models)
ADN-2857 2014.09.29. ADN-2857 - ZooMax-ConRad Cannot Turn Off ZooMax HF / ConRad HF X-ray generators

Return Material Requests

To request an RMA, please print and fill in the following form:

Return Material Authorization Form

Sales Terms

The terms below refer to our general international sales terms. Conditions and terms may be subject to regional regulations and local law.

Sales Terms and Conditions

Installation Feedback Form

You can help us make our products better and safer! Please send back the form below on installed equipment. We will use your valuable feedback to further enhance performance and correct/prevent any possible problems.

Download the D-546 Installation Feedback Form